Track Junkies Events for 2021

Track Junkies Events for 2021 2021-01-01T19:01:25+00:00
(All events will be on the full 2.7 km track).

* The above is a preliminary schedule … dates and times are subject to change.

All rates are per event.   Our rates are $295+gst. If you are new to us, you will need an instructor which is an additional $100+gst.

All rates are per driver, not per car.  If two drivers wish to share one car, we put each driver in a separate run group (and each with a their own instructor if required) so each obtains ample seat time.  We do not offer a reduced “sharing” rate.  Conversely, a driver may drive multiple cars at an event providing each is suitably prepared and a self-tech inspection has been completed on each car in advance of the event.