Basics Requirements of Getting On Track

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People who have never driven on a road course always ask the same question; “What do I need to get on track?”  Well, here are the most basic requirements …

– VALID DRIVERS LICENSE.  You do NOT require a competition license for our events. A Class 5 Graduated Drivers License (GDL) is acceptable; however, minors (under the age of 18) must also have signed parental consent forms. »more on waivers


– “TRACK-WORTHY” generally means a sports car or sport coupe or sport sedan that will stand up to the rigours of track driving. Brakes, suspension and tires are much more important than horsepower. Purpose-built race cars, including open-wheel cars, are welcome.  Convertibles, cabriolets, and open-top cars must have structural rollover protection … if you do not know what this means, please contact us BEFORE registering. »more on convertibles   Trucks, SUV’s, SAV’s and other high center of gravity vehicles are NOT permitted. Heavily-modified vehicles (horsepower increases, motor swaps, etc.) can be unreliable »more on vehicle suitability

– “SAFE” goes hand-in-hand with “INSPECTED IN ADVANCE“, meaning you need to download the Track Junkies self-tech inspection form found at prior to each event and verify the condition of each item on the form. Vehicles must be inspected separately for each event — photocopies of previous inspections are not acceptable. This inspection requirement is not meant to be onerous or cost-prohibitive for the average motorsport enthusiast … the term “self-tech” means you may perform the inspection yourself if you have the required knowledge and tools. If you do not have the technical knowledge or tools required, or are you not willing to take the time to properly inspect each item, please have the vehicle inspected by a licensed Automotive Service Technician with knowledge of the rigors expected in road course driving. »more on inspection requirements

– BRAKE FLUID must be less than six months old on event date.  »more on brake fluid

YOUR OWN HELMET (owned or borrowed). Helmets must be Snell-approved M-2005 (motorcycle) or SA-2005 (motorsport) or newer.  We also accept international ECE and FIA certification standards, but these are less common in North America.  ALL Snell-approved helmets bear a Snell rating sticker, typically found by lifting up the helmet liner (you should not need to remove any glued portions of the liner to view the sticker).  Open-face helmets are preferred in vehicles with air bags; closed-face helmets are preferred in vehicles without air bags. »more on helmet requirements

 NOVICE DRIVERS must take instruction their first time out (additional $100 fee) and complete a checkout ride before being permitted to solo. This is for the safety of the novice driver as well as for the safety of other drivers the novice will share the track with. »more about instruction »more about our solo driving criteria

– TIME ATTACK COMPETITORS must be pre-approved before they can register for timed lapping. »more about Time Attack pre-approval  criteria

EVENTS GO RAIN OR SHINE … no refunds for inclimate weather.